Site measurements

We need to measure the entire house so we can generate all floor plans. Why? Let’s say you want to remove a wall on the main floor between the Dining and kitchen, the proposed opening, the new beam is designed according the new span (new opening length) and the existing structure above it, Floor joists direction, second floor layout to determine the dead and live load, ceiling joists direction, roof loads…practically what is holding above. The basement plan is needed to show where the point loads, (the columns holding the new beam) are landing and how this is taken cared structurally. We start measuring from out side so we locate all windows, openings in case a new beam is interfering or a point load from above, this way we do not make mistakes of the overall envelope. After measuring outside we, move inside and measure the layout and determine all structural elements and possible ducts where to re route them if any in the wall to be removed.)