Free Tips

Planning to do a kitchen Reno?

Thinking of removing 1 or 2 walls? There will be lot of headaches ahead of you……but don’t panic!

Every job, every projects has its own challenges, dealing with us (would be the best experience you can have during the whole process), getting the permits (some times can be challenging, for example, when we find “illegal basement apartment” and when we apply for building permit, the city system records shows the house is registered as a “SFD” Single family dwelling).

Contractors (Always look for a Licenced-Insured-WSIB Contractor). Other challenges: city inspector’s who would have to pass the inspection(s), Engineer reports, relocating pot lights, reroute ducts (is also a very critical one), kitchen design can be time consuming and stressful, kitchen installer and final touch ups.

From all the above, believe it or not, the most complicated part of the Reno, is really the final touch ups!
Matching the floor, matching the existing (plaster) crown molding, dealing with the last stage of the kitchen install, have the backslash professionally installed, coordinate with all these ends, can really be frustrating, but at the end…. details matter!

Whether you want the beam to be FLUSH or DROP, is really not us who decide how it goes. Unfortunately most of the times, the site conditions dictates how it goes. When the contractor starts the demo, sometimes we find (surprises) joists direction that goes the opposite directions, plumbing, ducts/pipes are in the way, very and the most important player is the difference in ceiling height. You would also have to sister the joists or strap the ceiling to level the plane with laser, etc..

My recommendation and a free tip is: never pay in full or release the final balance to the construction trades, unless the job has been completed (where required) with final inspection passed (it would be hard to get them back and fix it) and never pay part of the final payment if they ask (for whatever excuse). They would not show up again and finish the job!