About Us

Toronto Load Bearing Wall Removal

We are 100% focused and committed to designing and services. This is our true core competency.
We produce BCIN and P.Eng stamped drawings.

We’re Fast, Reliable and Punctual, all the time. For small projects, no retainer is required, you can pay in full once the Permit application is submitted!.

We can FASTRACK your application and get you the permit in a week (Toronto area only).

We deal mostly with Residential and Commercial projects. We can do drawings and submission in less than one week where the Building permit is Guaranteed within 5 days or less from submission!

“Building permit Guarantee is based on compliance with municipality zoning bylaws”

We know your application, we have already studied it for years and have a deep understanding of the scope and your needs. We can say renovation and the construction world is not new to us and we are already familiar with what is needed to hit the ground running.

Our company is quick, responsive and thorough. We can move faster and with much more efficiency than companies owned and preoccupied by their biggest accounts.

We are hungrier than most and we absolutely love what we do. We do not rely on any single account to stay in business or to pay our bills, nor can any single account jeopardize our stability – all by design.

We have a very diverse client base spread throughout the Ontario and have experience in several dozen industries, all of which contribute to our unmatched experience, knowledge and expertise.

We have been in business since 1994 and are a privately funded, 100% debt-free company. From the very beginning, our plan has been slow and steady growth.