Do I need a Building Permit? Drawings? This is what we do!

Definitely! Removing a load bearing wall is not easy. Load bearing walls are structural elements and the beams need to be sized properly to code and/or Engineered according the opening, span and loads from above and also deflection and vibration may be a factor. Another reason you need permits is for public records, if you end up selling the premises, the future owner can always retrieve the permit drawings and understand what was done!
Learn more by visiting the Toronto city website

Thinking of removing a load bearing wall?

A load bearing wall support floors from above carrying, dead loads and live loads. A load bearing wall can be replaced with a flush or drop beam. The opening always vary and so the beam size and type whether LVL (wood) or steel. Sometimes we can sister the existing joists and avoid any beams, most of the times in semi-detached 14ft in width approx.

Not too sure if it’s a load bearing wall?

A load bearing wall may also be a demising wall and or a fire rated wall dividing 2 uses. This can be found in commercial spaces and or residential units. Sometimes is not a load bearing wall but is a fire rated wall and it can not be removed at all!

How to size a beam?

The beam is sized according the opening length and the joists span and depth, which the beam is carrying the loads. Also most of the times the load bearing wall do not line up with the beam or load bearing wall below and any column (point load or PL) will be off the bearing line below and it would need to be transferred away from that point with another beam, unless you are OK with a column in the middle of a room.

Do you have an basement apartment/second unit?

Many times we walk in and find out there is an illegal unit in the house. We need to measure and draw all floor plans for permit application submission.

The city needs to see the flow of the house and make sure the house is a SFD. Many times we have point loads to be transferred in the basement and we have to satisfy the building department how the structure and how loads are transferred to the foundation. For more info about basement apartment or second units, please visit the website

Planning to remove a load bearing wall? Then you will need drawings!
You are on the right tracks! We do Architectural and Structural drawings!

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